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Start a Family Tradition!
Choose your very own fresh Rhode Island grown Christmas tree!

Remember to dress warmly and bring your camera!

At Riverside Farm we offer:

  • Choose & Cut Trees
    Choose your fresh tree and we'll cut it for you.
    • Canaan Fir
    • Concolor Fir
    • Fraser Fir
    • Scotch Pine
    • White Pine
    • Serbian Spruce
    • White Spruce
  • Low Prices
    All our trees are one price -- $45.00 plus tax


Why cut your own real Christmas tree?

  • Because of the environmental impact!
    Throughout the growing years, our trees improve and enhance our environment by recycling our air (producing oxygen), stabilizing soil and humus layers, providing habitats for countless birds, animals and insects, and keeping our country green. For every tree cut down, we plant a new seedling in its place to continue the growing cycle.
  • Because it's FRESH!
  • Because it gets you and the family out together to establish a wonderful tradition!

Nothing beats the scent of a REAL Christmas Tree in your home.
At Riverside Tree Farm, we have over 20 years of cultural experience in producing quality, beautifully shaped Christmas trees & wreaths.
We invite you to come out and explore our  acres of renewable, oxygen-producing REAL CHRISTMAS TREES.

Riverside Farm cares!
All our trees are grown environmentally friendly. All of our farm products are sustainably grown and pesticide free. Integrated pest management is practiced on an ongoing basis. This enables the beneficial insects, birds, bats, and other wildlife to thrive. They in turn balance the pests. Mother Nature can handle most problems if left alone.

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